Platelet rich plasma therapy is a groundbreaking advancement in pain relief treatment. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment uses the patient’s own blood that has been processed into a plasma-rich healing solution. The plasma, which can have up to ten times more healing properties than blood, is then injected into the area of the tendons or tissue where it starts reversing damage and healing painful injuries. Total treatment and in-office recovery time is only a few hours. PRP injections are safe and non-invasive, often preventing the need for surgery while providing fast-healing foot injury treatment, and gets patients back to their normal routine the same day. Depending on the level of a sports-related injury, athletes can be back on their game in a matter of weeks or a few months, depending on the severity.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?

Athletes, sport enthusiasts and active individuals can get back on their feet and back into the game quickly after having PRP treatment. Anyone with athletic foot injuries can benefit from this treatment because they can return to their sports and activities quickly without risk of further injury and without the pain. High school and college level athletes and their parents or coaches often take a special interest in PRP therapy for athletic foot injuries because the fast healing time can give them a better chance of finishing out the season and getting exposure to move onto the next level of play.  Platelet rich plasma treatment is not just for sports injuries, it can also be used as a plantar fasciitis treatment, healing Achilles tendonitis, and as a foot or ankle injury treatment for various other chronic tendon injuries.

Besides the fast healing time, there are many other benefits with this cutting-edge new treatment and minimal risks involved when compared to surgery. PRP therapy is safe, non-invasive, and allows the body to heal in a more natural way with less need for pain medication. PRP treatment has received publicity because of several pro athletes that have travelled far and wide seeking out the treatment and boasting excellent results, including Tiger Woods’ recent golfing success and Hines Ward’s Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl victory.  NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant and baseball’s Takashi Saito have also seen their pro athlete careers benefit after having the treatment.

Patients experiencing pain and chronic tendon injuries in South Florida do not have to travel far to receive PRP injections; Dr. Jonathan Cutler of South Florida Foot and Ankle Centers performs this treatment at our offices throughout the Palm Beaches. Most patients have been able to avoid foot surgery and are very happy with the pain relief that is both fast acting and long lasting. When asked about the success rate of PRP injections with his patients, Dr. Cutler explains, “We are very excited about the promising future in platelet rich plasma therapy here in South Florida, and proud of the results we have seen so far helping athletes get back to doing what they love.”

Get Your Athletic Foot Injuries Treated at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers

There’s no need to suffer from an athletic foot injury – get back in the game with platelet rich plasma therapy at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers. Simply contact us online or call us today at 561.793.6170 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cutler.

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